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This page is deliberating of research, and
it can contrast to the real movement of stock-index.
It could be a reference. The software can analyze any index
of stockmarket! And it is that I compile on the basis of Chinese
I-Ching's principle. The free software has only the Chinese version
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The movement of index was as moving as I calculate last week.
It returned above 10825 points again at weekend, and that points
are important for the index going down or up. One may continue
to go to 10962 points, then it will probably falls after that.
11100 points have become the big resistance seat. Otherwise 10825
are the resistance seat if the index go back below 10825 points
on next Monday.-------------------------------Sep.23.2000.

Last weekend the index just down below 11100 at beginning,
but 10825 points is the first level of resistance,at 10825
points will hold down a while. if going through 10825 down
and close below it in two or three days, the index may be
going down to the 10550 points that is a crucial resistance
to regain upward bias to back to the 10825 points or further upward.

Now Dow Jones Index, going between 11100 and 11375
points. If it will arrive at 11237.50, the index will be
little felled, at 11375 will be big down. If it go back
to the 11100 at first time, DowJones will be rose again.
Be careful if it go through 111000 points with great deal
of amount, one can be continue going down below 11100.


This page is created by Yidi Sep.12.2000