Enlightenment Man

My tutor Mr. Zhu Qijing is the teacher that I respect most. There is 
lofty prestige with Mr. Zhu in the academic circles in China,  Taiwan 
even Japan. Tian Yingfu,  the senator of Japan,  invited him to  Japan 
to lecture on  I Ching.  He  did  a lot  of  important  speeches  in the 
international and internal systematic learing symposium, and his many 
thesis have given rise to the most profound and  lasting influence to 
the  academic  circles. But  His  book,    
publishing by the nation have been getting the high evaluation by the 
expert of systematic learing.Just be From this way,to study Mr. Zhu's 
book makes me walk into the door 
of the I Ching. The tutor's led me  himself to do, and I just have the
chance to have to go to study I Ching and the mystery of stock market 
with the ability;  Even the  mystery of  nature.  I  especially do this 
owner page,  because  of the  feeling that just to be is cherishing to 
this  tutor  respects, and feel  grateful  the  instruction of Mr. Zhu. 

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